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During the 2020 pandemic Mykonos Medical and Palmos Clinic have joined forces, providing confirmatory rapid testing for the new corona virus (COVID-19) Reliable, rapid diagnosis directly on site with no back and forth. That is the great advantage of our solution.

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IV vitamin therapy delivers high doses of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in combinations to help treat a variety of conditions including low energy, anxiety, weight loss and much more.

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IV treatment 

i. The hangover cure.

Don’t waste your day in bed with regret. This powerful IV will get your back on your feet and you won’t miss a thing..

IV treatment

ii. Cleanse & Detox

Rehydrate, rebalance & flush those toxins out of your system with powerful antioxidants and a high dose of vitamin C.

IV treatment

iii. The fitness

After an intense workout, achieve the best muscle recovery with this solution

IV treatment

iv. Immune System Boost

Protect your immune system, help fight cold and flues or ever recover from a jet lag, with this powerful combination.

IV treatment

v. The weight balance

Trying to lose weight? this mix gives you a metabolic boost helps you to reach your goals faster including lipotropic factors.

IV treatment

vi. The Vit C

Higher dose of Vitamin C to get the most out of this miraculous vitamine.

IV treatment


Im shots is a quick way to receive the same benefits of the IV ingredients in those who are intolerant with the iv procedure


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In Mykonos and in Athens we have  lead doctors who will visit you at your place along with a qualified experienced nurse and make sure you get the best personalised and safe treatment.