Spring is finally here, but unfortunately along with the sunny weather, here come the seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies can turn a pleasant spring day into a miserable situation. Seasonal allergies develop from the exposure to airborne irritants, like pollen, that appear only during certain months of the year, especially during spring. Seasonal allergies, and more specifically the allergens in the air, cause an immune system response to the irritant and provoke symptoms such as sneezing, congestion, a runny nose, and itchy, watery eyes. IV therapy for allergies can reduce those annoying symptoms and help your immune system with powerful antioxidants and antihistamines that protect your body against allergens.

Symptoms of seasonal allergies

Symptoms of seasonal allergies include itchy, runny nose, watery or puffy eyes, coughing, throat irritation, sinus congestion, headache, fatigue, wheezing, sneezing, and itchy skin. These symptoms can become incredibly uncomfortable, causing a major inconvenience for anyone that suffers from them. Lucky for you, IV Therapy is here to help! IV therapy treatment for allergies is an effective way to help alleviate those unpleasant symptoms easily, effectively and quickly, by offering the body the nutrients it needs and helping to boost the immune system. An antihistamine can also be added in the treatments, aiding in successfully managing allergy symptoms.

How can IV therapy for allergies can help?

When the body fights allergies, it triggers an immune response. That response causes a depletion of fluids and nutrients from the body, as it utilises those components in order to fight the perceived pathogen. IV therapy for allergies provides the body with the essential vitamins, minerals and fluids it needs to keep protecting the patient from the allergens. Our IV therapy formula for allergies includes essential vitamins such as vitamin B Complex and vitamin B12, vitamin C which is the ultimate vitamin for immune protection, magnesium, calcium, zinc, glutathione and saline. These nutrients aim in rehydrating the body while boosting the immune system, which means that the allergy symptoms are successfully managed. They also provide the body with the nutrients it needs to carry on the fight against allergies.

Furthermore, our Immune System Boost IV treatment provides the body with the high-dose vitamins, antioxidants, and hydration it needs to fight off those pesky allergy symptoms. The solution contains anti-inflammatory ingredients, like vitamin C, to boost your immune system and reduce the unpleasant symptoms allergies cause in your body. Also, another great option is our Myers Cocktail IV treatment, which includes a number of beneficial ingredients including IV fluids, electrolytes, B-Complex vitamins, Magnesium, and Vitamin C. This formula is versatile due to the special blend of nutrients, making our IV Myers Cocktail effective for a wide range of clinical conditions, including seasonal allergies.

IV therapy for allergies: How is it done

Each IV therapy treatment for allergies depends on the person’s individual needs. Given that each person has different reactions to allergies and needs different immune support, the amount of IV treatment administered and the sessions needed are highly personalised. In order to start, every client should have their medical history evaluated, in order for the treatment to be fully tailored to the existed needs. Once the consultation is complete, the appointment date is selected and then a member of our specialised staff will arrive at the client’s space of choice in order to start the treatment. The IV catheter is inserted into the vein, and after that, the patient can relax, read, use the laptop to get work done, or even nap. The IV treatment cocktail flushes the allergens from the system, helping people feel better by easing their symptoms. IV therapy does not work as a cure for allergies, but can help to boost the immune system so it can fight them.