During the 2020 pandemic Mykonos Medical and Palmos Clinic have joined forces, providing confirmatory rapid testing for the new corona virus (COVID-19)Reliable, rapid diagnosis directly on site with no back and forth. That is the great advantage of our solution. 

As a team we can also provide in-house testing, taking all the safety precautions.

Using the newest and most sensitive rapid tests, performed directly at the point of care, eliminating the need to transport samples, which takes up valuable time. Patients quickly gain certainty about their state of health, while allowing infected individual to be identified and isolated immediately. Time is of the essence in the fight against coronavirus.

The test has the approval of the European Community with 99% accuracy for Covid-19 and consists in: 1. Just a finger pritch 2. Immediate results within 10 minutes 3. Uses antibody sensitivity (IgM,IgG) showing previous or onset corona virus infection
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