Top 5 benefits of iv therapy

1) IV Therapy nourishes your body in a way that food and supplements can’t.



Over 68% of Americans take dietary supplements and 78% of Americans believe they are a smart choice for a healthy lifestyle. At The Functional Medicine MD, we support the use of proper supplementation when needed.

However, one of the biggest issues with dietary supplements is the low absorption rate. Many nutrients in supplements – especially mainstays like multivitamin pills – have an absorption rate of less than 20%.

Clearly, not the best option if you need to provide your body high levels of nutrients quickly.

IV Therapy is different because it delivers vital vitamins and nutrients directly into the blood stream. So, you get 100% absorption of the nutrition your body needs. And since the nutrients are delivered directly into your bloodstream, your body can begin utilizing them immediately.

2) Accentuated Beauty

Each part of the body is nourished by different vitamins and nutrients. For example, your hair, skin, and nails all benefit from vitamins A, B, and C – as well as adequate levels of antioxidants.

Our specially formulated IV drips have a special blend of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. Together, these essential components improve appearance by detoxifying the body and rejuvenating the skin from the inside out.


3) Increased Energy and Better Sleep

Another benefit of IV therapy is that it helps your body to create energy and balance your system. So, you can have more energy while still sleeping well (unlike caffeine shots that unnaturally stimulate the nervous system and tax the adrenals).

Our natural IV vitamin therapies include key nutrients like B12 and other B-Complex vitamins. These vitamins support the cardiovascular system, aid the conversion of food into energy, and and help the body perform many vital functions.


4) Optimal Athletic Performance

Every active person is pushing to reach their next athletic goal.

But workouts are tiring for the body, and can gradually build up toxins. Your body also can suffer from dehydration due to excessive sweating during intense workouts.

Our drips are designed to promote faster healing, flush out unwanted toxins, and provide fast, deep hydration to the muscles and tissues…so you can get back at it and thrive!

5) IV Vitamin Therapy Eliminates Toxins

To detoxify the body and stay on top of the chemicals we absorb every day from our environment, the liver requires enough nutrients. Everything from dry cleaning, to microwaving food in plastic containers can add to our body’s toxin load…which can eventually lead to serious health problems.

Our rich infusions of antioxidants and other vital nutrients give your body the supplies it needs to fight off premature aging, immune issues, and other negative health consequences of environmental toxins.